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Charlotte NC Family Photographer Client Reviews

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"Carolyn is an amazingly talented photographer! She captured our family perfectly! We will treasure the portraits forever. She was a pleasure to work with; giving tips for what to wear, asking about children’s interests to get their best smiles. She really took the time to get the best photos! We can not thank her enough!"
Regina C.
{May 2018}

"Carolyn Ann creates the most amazing portraits of the family. We have used Carolyn Ann twice for portraits of my family of five and not only are they beautiful photographs but she also manages to capture everyones personality. She makes everyone comfortable and relaxed and it shows in the natural smiles. Fantastic & playful with children- even the most unruly."

Heather M.
{March 2018}

"OMG... We loved them!!!! We all watched the slideshow several times. It is really going to be hard to decide what to get. Thank you so much!!! Looking forward to our ordering appointment Thursday!"

Melissa N.
{June 2015}

"I absolutely love love love the slideshow - it brought tears to my eyes. Such beautiful photographs you captured. I can't wait to see your ideas at our ordering appointment! Can't wait!"

Courtney M.
{May 2015}

"Oh, wow!! I just watched the slideshow….all I can say is amazing!! This exceeded my expectations - beautiful job, Carolyn! How are we ever going to pick favorites?!?! I love them all!! :)"

Michelle M.
{April 2015}

Charlotte NC Family Portrait Photography Client Reviews

"Oh my goodness!!! These are wonderful!! The first one of me and my kids made me cry. And the last one, the family shot, was just PERFECT. I loved every one in between as well. I've had a killer week (and it's only Wednesday), so this was exactly what I needed. THANK YOU!"

Lisa D.
{December 2014}

"The photos are AMAZING!!! We can’t stop watching the slide show — they are just beautiful and we absolutely love them! You did a phenomenal job. Not sure how we’ll be able to pick just some to order… looking forward to our meeting on Sunday!"

Kate J.
{October 2014}

"That was beautiful!!! I love the photos and the video made me cry! Thank you so much!! I cannot wait to order the pics!"

Shannon M.
{November 2013}

"Thanks so much for such a fun session, Carolyn! I wasn't sure what to expect since my kids are so young and with three six and under, you just never know how things are going to end up. I couldn't have asked for a better experience! The photographs are just magnificent and they beautifully capture our kids personalities and playfulness. Thank you so very much!"

Sari P.
{November 2013}

"We are so happy with all of the photos, little Nicholas included! He loves pointing everyone out ("Mama!" "Dada!" Nicky!"), and we can't help but smile every time we see the images on our wall. You have such a special talent."

Bridget A.
{June 2013}

"Carolyn, you have done a beautiful, fantastic job. I can't stop watching this video. Have sent to many people and have sung your praises. The feedback has been overwhelming. Your ears must be ringing. You are truly very talented.."

Vanessa S.
{November 2012}

"The little movie made me cry… it was so beautiful. To see our babies and the interaction really makes me a proud mother and wife. The pictures are truly amazing."

Nicole T.
{November 2012}

"we looooooove it!!!!!" One picture is more beautiful than the next. I'm not sure how you managed to make it look like William was just the perfect, happy toddler -- not the prickly, cranky photo subject we all saw that day. You are truly amazing!"

Karen H.
{October 2011}