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Charlotte Family Photographer | Family and Fashion

Charlotte, NC Family Photographer | Family and Fashion

Earlier this year I was contacted by a Mom for a family portrait session.  She described her vision of what she wanted for a family portrait that included her own mother, her brother, her daughter and her.   They didn’t have a good family photo, and they were so excited about the opportunity to do this with me.  She helped find the ideal spot for her session which was the Waterfront Park in Laurence Harbor, NJ, and she even brought her very own couch to include as a prop.  When your clients want to bring their own couch to the session, you know you are going to have some fun. And the ladies all had their make-up done in advance by the very talented Angelica DiGuglielmo.

My client had a vision in her head of the ideal family portrait, and I really wanted to help make that vision a reality.

And I just absolutely loved their style.  Based on her response to seeing her gallery, I believe I delivered the vision she was hoping to achieve.   There were so many images that I loved from this session, and here are just a few of my favorites.

Charlotte Family Photographer showcases Family and Fashion

Charlotte, NC Family Photographer Carolyn Ann Ryan loves sessions highlighting Family and Fashion


Make-up: Angelica DiGuglielmo


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