16 Jun

Marvin, NC Family Photographer | Happy Father’s Day

Marvin, NC Family Photographer | Happy Father’s Day

Just wanted to wish all of my wonderful clients and friends a very Happy Father’s Day!  I’m so blessed to have met so many wonderful Dads and Grandfathers while photographing families, and I can’t thank each of you enough for jumping into the photos with your family and children.  Here is just a sample of the amazing images I have been able to create thanks to all these great Dads and Grandpas that just love to have fun with their children and families!

Marvin, NC Family Photographer Father's Day Images


And this wouldn’t be complete without sharing images of my absolute favorite Dads and the most important Dads in my life.  Special thanks to George Buhl from Black Thumb Studio for photographing my husband’s entire family at a wedding last Christmas, and to Jessica Wernes from Dewdrop Photography for photographing my entire family this past Mother’s Day.  I love family portraits and so grateful to the wonderful photographers that photographed my family so I can be in the portraits with them!

And thanks to my husband, my Dad, my father-in-law and my two brothers-in-law for being the best Dads that I know.  You are all very loved and we are lucky to have you in our lives. These little munchkins are blessed to have amazing fathers and grandfathers!

Marvin, NC Family Photographer Happy Father's Day

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