11 Nov

Charlotte, North Carolina Family Photographer | My Wish

No matter who I’m photographing my wish is always the same, to take images that will make you smile and remember! Sometimes it’s hard to remember how things once were so my hope is that your family portraits will transport you back in time where you can relive some of those happy memories.  Family photo sessions are special because it can include everyone – even your pets.  And these images aren’t just about the moments when you are smiling for the camera, but it’s the interactions and special moments you share as a family that you will treasure for years to come.  It’s the secret a daughter tells her Mom, or the airplane ride a child gets from Dad, or the giggles that are shared between siblings. And sometimes, I can just step back into the distance to capture those precious moments of a family together.


New Jersey Family Photographer Scotch Plains Family Portrait Session 1 Scotch Plains Family Portrait Session 3 Scotch Plains NJ Family Photographer Autumn Session 4

2 thoughts on “Charlotte, North Carolina Family Photographer | My Wish

  1. What a great day. You managed to capture our bright side despite the lack of sun. We had a lovely experience from the pre-session consultation through picture day up to and including the ordering appointment. Thank-you!

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