25 Oct

Professional Matthews NC Child Photographer | Tiny Dancer

Professional Matthews NC Child Photographer | Tiny Dancer

Starting this week, I’m introducing two weekly blog posts. Every Tuesday will be Tiny Tuesday where I post favorite images from sessions over the last few years and talk about why I love the photograph. Later this week, I’m going to start Favorite Fridays where I will share a favorite toy, children’s store, educational item or service related to children. I do expect that many of these will be local to my area and my clients, but some may be national or online items.

I do hope you enjoy these posts and I welcome feedback and comments.

This week’s Tiny Tuesday share is an adorable little girl caught spinning in the grass. As we started our session last Summer, she was a little shy and I needed to get her to warm up to the camera. I noticed her dress was perfect for spinning, so I backed up to give her some space and also a feeling that I wasn’t right on top of her and asked her to just twirl. What little girl doesn’t love to twirl and watch her own dress spin in the breeze? The result was this adorable image, and the remainder of the session was just wonderful. I love the timeless feel of this image.  For me, it captures an innocence and sweetness that is a part of being a little girl – just a moment lost in their own world spinning in their dress.

Matthews NC Family Portrait Photographer Carolyn Ann Ryan photographs little girl spinning in grass

11 Oct

Metuchen, NJ Family Photographer | Sunshine and Smiles

We had an absolutely beautiful weekend in the Northeast and I was thrilled to spend time with a few wonderful families capturing these adorable smiles.  As you can see from the sneak peeks below, it was a weekend full of adorable boys with only one little, giggly 6 year old girl (and she was such a cutie!).

There was plenty of sunshine and lots of smiles to go around.  Enjoy these sneak peeks and I’m looking forward to sharing more in the upcoming weeks.  Lots more sessions on the calendar!

06 Oct

Marvin, NC Photographer | Childhood Enclosed

Marvin, NC Photographer | Childhood Enclosed

Just another day when I love my job.  Full session with my own munchkin and pumpkin.  All I can say is – – I love these kids.

Marvin, NC Photographer