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when an Irish Dancer competes at a feis or a major, there is a lot of advanced preparation to get ready for competition day. Aside from the physical and athletic preparation, there is the day of competition prep to get hair, wig, makeup and accessories looking just perfect and ready for the stage.

It is always amazing to see the transformation of those sweet young ladies into champion dancers on the stage. From tanned legs to smoky eye shadow and curly wigs, each piece is a vital part of the overall look on dance day.

This talented young dancer will soon be joining hundreds of other dancers from around the globe in Greensboro, North Carolina to compete at the 2019 World Irish Dancing Championships hosted by An Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelacha! Only the best of the best qualify at their local regional championships also known as their Oireachtas to compete at Worlds, and North Carolina is so excited to be the host city for this year's championship. You can bet that these dancers are already working on perfecting their technique and steps for their dances. Many will be getting new dresses from the top costume designers, and working on their perfect look for the moment that they step on the stage.

I am so excited that this competition will be practically in my backyard and have already begun location scouting the various parks and urban areas for the perfect backdrops for Irish Dancing portrait sessions! Session details will be available soon and I look forward to photographing these talented dancers in Greensboro!

Location: Charlotte, NC.

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