Experienced Charlotte, NC Family Photographer

Experienced Charlotte, NC Family Photographer

I love the South Charlotte area of North Carolina. The beautiful Fall magic hour light can be simply amazing and was the perfect complement to the end of this family portrait session.

It's portrait sessions like this one that make my heart simply melt right from the start. I met this family before we even arrived in Marvin, North Carolina and with our common New Jersey backgrounds, we were instant friends. But those little boys with their blonde curls and adorable cheeks, just melted my heart every time I saw them.

For their portrait sessions, we stayed right at the home finding perfect light on the lawn, and I loved the laughter as the boys sat together in the grass! Next, we headed to their country club and then to the park to get photos in front of the barn! I just love being a family photographer in North Carolina because the locations and settings are awesome! The nearby park has a barn!

As you can see, the ending of this session was just as good as the start with gorgeous light, an adorable family, and those curls and cute cheeks! Can it get any sweeter than this?

Location: Marvin, North Carolina.

1/320; f/5.0; ISO 800; 95.0 mm.