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I've often been told that the children in my photographs seem so happy, with huge smiles, belly laugh, and full outburts of giggles. How do we do it? Well, truth be told, we often tell potty jokes during our family portrait sessions. That's right. Potty jokes. Seriously, what is going to make a little boy laugh more than talking about farts and poops? Of course, I will only do this with Mom's permission. During our pre-session consultation, I will check with mom to ensure that she is okay with certain words, such as poops or farts. Telling potty jokes or simply asking "who tooted?" can certainly crack up a 7 year old boy. It was a few years ago, during a family portrait session, that I learned about the "Diarrhea Song". It was my second year photographing children, and I had a little boy around age 8 that seemed a little stiff with forced smiles, so I turned to his two sisters and asked, "What can I do to make your brother laugh?" And they replied so sweetly and honestly, "Sing the Diarrhea Song!" "What? What is that and how does it go?" Well, they all taught me the lyrics and sure enough, that stiff, forced smile child was cracking up in minutes. So, if you need a really, good laugh, Google for the lyrics to the song. There are numerous verses and you can even just start making up your own. Bound to crack up little ones and big ones alike, and my apologies in advance if your sings it during numerous car trips after our session together.Keywords: Autumn (42), boys (39), Fall (42), foliage (10), giggles (33), Navy (17), orange (6), plaid (34), sweater (20), sweaters (19). 1/250; f/4.5; ISO 160; 110.0 mm.